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My RE Investment Portfolio

I love sharing my partner & me's experiences and expertise on all things real estate investing. See for yourself some of what we have done since 2019. I truly believe anyone can enter the world of real estate investing with the right education, guidance and support. Reach out, as I can help you build your future, too, while you make some extra income streams along the way!

121_123 Philip Combined Listing Photo.JPG


This is a duplex we bought in 2023 for $220k. This was an off-market deal that I got ahold of from letters I manually sent out to duplex owners that fit our "buy box".


We completely transformed this one inside and out and are now running 2 short/medium term rentals out of it. It probably has a market value north of $300k now!

Summary Photos of Cactus House.JPG

"The Cactus House"

This was another "off market" purchase that crossed my desk after the sellers' daughter found my contact info on Bigger Pockets. Her parents were potentially looking to sell this little single family 2 bed 1 bath rental they've held since the 80's and what do you know, we had interest in it for ourselves!


While we are not typically in the market for single family homes, this one was special. It has a duplex next door that we hope to acquire some day and a "free" lot behind it we are determined to build another duplex on in the near future after moving the house's sewer out of the lot and through the front yard.


We love this little house that we are now running a themed short/medium term rental out of!

Both Sides of Loomis.JPG


This is a duplex that was "turnkey" and already gutted inside and out that we purchased in 2021 as our first official investment property!


We didn't know when we first underwrote the deal that I would sell him on the short/medium term methods soon after closing in one of the units so that we could increase our cashflow!


We have been running both units as such since, and this property has helped us roll into more investments than we could have imagined along the way!

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