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Transforming Small, Uncommon Spaces

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Small condo? Working from home? Quirky layout?


I'm here to share my knowledge & experience with all of the home buyers out there meandering through homes on showings thinking, what would we do with this space? Where would our furniture go? How are we going to fit all of our family when they visit?

I've always been told I have "the vision", so I wanted to share some of the biggest space "hacks" I've come across lately.

In NEO (northeast Ohio), a lot of our suburbs have "old" homes. I rented a 105 year old double in Lakewood, OH (everyone in CLE has lived in Lakewood at some point it seems) at age 22 & now own a 73 year old bungalow in Bay Village, OH. When I say these old homes have quirks, I mean it!

Our home has an original canning closet under our front porch in our finished basement. I had the privilege of taking 2 couples through our home before considering it for ourselves, & neither had a clue what to do with this space. It has a drain on the floor, no door, a small window & no shelves. We are BIG craft beer people so we have transformed this space into a "beer closet" with a kegerator 2-tap system & industrial shelves for all of our beer accessories & books.

If you have a small bedroom & can't decide if it's better to utilize the space as a home office or a guest bedroom, make it both! Turn that small closet (that you probably don't need for your guests, anyway) a sweet built-in desk space by taking the doors off & turning the far wall of the closet into an accent wall. This will allow you to keep the rest of the space in that room as a true guest room with a trundle day bed that can double as an inspirational reading nook during your visitor-free months.

I had a conversation with my little that lives in downtown Kansas City, MO the other day & she is doing some SPECIAL things with her condo. To really maximize her small space (with phenomenal downtown KC views, I might add) she is planning to blow out the space above her kitchen to add a lofted spare bed for guests. WOAH!

Remember to stay creative & bring your wits with you on each and every showing. Sometimes you can come up with something to add value down the road that other buyers can't see. Make your space your own. Pinterest is just a click away...



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