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4 Odd Things Being a REALTOR Entails

Have you ever wondered what the daily life of a REALTOR is like? Let me tell's strange.

The most obvious, bizarre daily activity of a real estate agent is that we get codes to complete strangers' homes to let in (sometimes) people we have only known for a few days or weeks.

Can you imagine in any other occupation waltzing into a random house? I can't think of any other job that demands that amount of trust in a licensed professional. It's just weird.

Going off the previous, we not only let ourselves in, but then we take our shoes off or worse, use "shoe covers", to protect these random people's floors from dirt & germs.

Now, I know people that work for companies like AT&T and Spectrum use shoe covers when they go into people's homes, but they don't invite themselves in & have access to a key!

So now picture this, you've entered a stranger's home & taken your shoes off...what's next? If you really think about it, this is straight up odd.

Sometimes we enter homes & don't know what we are going to experience. Between the smells & some of the things I see, I could write a book on this one.

One time I showed a house to this family that is DEATHLY afraid of animals. Picture this, we walk into a house and a cat greets us right inside the front door. My clients all jump back out the door in fear & the only thing I can think to do is go in first, pick the cat up & carry it with me through the showing so they aren't as afraid.

Buckle up. At this point we all start walking through the home, me with a cat in hand (I have an allergy to cats so you can imagine what kind of experience this is for me), but I muscle up & get the job done. You never know when your clients are going to fall in love with a home!

We go upstairs towards the bedrooms & BAM! another cat. The kids scream, mom jumps & dad squeals like a little girl & here I am, stuck with two cats in hand. At this point the house is basically out of the question for this family, but it did have a lot of potential, so we kept going.

Surely there's only two cats....right? We finish upstairs & finally head to the basement. Again, I am wrestling with 2 cats as the family keeps all eyes on me. These people reeeeally don't like animals.

We come up to the final bathroom & yep, you guessed it. ANOTHER CAT! In my super hero REALTOR ways I jump in the bathroom, now with all 3 cats & shut the door. The family runs out of the house & once all the cats are let out I follow.

While this wasn't the house for them, it's okay. I learned something that day. 1, my reflexes are great & while my allergies will be highly irritated for the rest of the day, I won't die if I wrestle a couple of cats.

2, when you list a home, you MUST disclose if there are animals present during showings! I know most people would be fine with it, but once in a while you will come across an irrational fear & it's not fun. Funny, & makes for a great story, but not fun.

ALSO, get your pets out for showings in the first place. I said it. Just do it. If you absolutely can't, your REALTOR should be able to help you figure something out.

Another weird thing on the buying agent side is that we don't get paid by our clients. In most instances, the seller pays us at closing. So, on the buying side, you are able to hire an agent that's a good fit for you to negotiate on your behalf & lead you through the home buying process, yet you aren't the one that pays us! Strange to think about.

I have so many other "odd" things that us REALTORs have to do, so hit me up for more stories. It really is a job unlike any other. While I love it, sometimes being a real estate agent is flat out unusual.

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